Duty Of Care And Foreseeability: 2 Legal Concepts That Inform Slip And Fall Cases

Posted on: 7 October 2019

A slip-and-fall lawsuit is essentially a type of premises liability case. If you have been injured on someone else's property and you want to pursue legal action to gain access to financial compensation, the burden of proving the property owner's liability will fall on you. Duty of care and foreseeability are two legal concepts that you and your attorney can use to help establish liability and improve the likelihood of your slip-and-fall case ending favorably.
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How A Business Is Divided In A Divorce

Posted on: 2 September 2019

When a couple owns a business together and decides to divorce, things can get tricky. In most cases, the most challenging part of this is trying to determine how to divide the business between the two spouses. If this is a situation you are currently in, here are several things you should know about how to divide your business in your divorce. Find out if you both have equal rights to it
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Intracranial Hemorrhage At Birth: Natural Complication Or Medical Negligence?

Posted on: 31 July 2019

Intracranial hemorrhage is defined as bleeding that occurs in or around the brain, and it occurs when one or more blood vessels ruptures, allowing blood to leak into the surrounding tissues. In adults, intracranial hemorrhage usually occurs due to some type of trauma; for example, a person who hits his head on the steering wheel during a car accident might sustain this type of injury. Intracranial hemorrhage can also occur in newborns, especially if an obstetrician applies excessive force to the head when delivering a baby.
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Being Safer On Your Motorcycle To Avoid Collisions: What To Do

Posted on: 30 June 2019

When you're a bike rider, nothing feels freer than getting the motorcycle out on various roads. However, because you have to share roadways with trucks, cars, and other bikes, taking your motorcycle out can be stressful. Other than observing traditional road rules, how can you make yourself safer and avoid any collisions? Wear Protective, Safe Clothing While you might have envisioned letting your hair run wild as you roll down an empty highway, your first commitment should be to traveling safely.
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