What's On The Line: Instances When You Should Have An Employer Defense Lawyer

Posted on: 7 February 2023


When employers face potential or actual litigation, the stakes can be high. Any wrong move could prove costly as employers are held legally accountable for their actions, policies, and practices. That's why you need a skilled lawyer to ensure your interests are respected while minimizing potential losses.

Here are a few scenarios when you might need an employer defense lawyer.

When You Need Protection from Harassment Allegations

Allegations of harassment in the workplace can have serious legal implications. You may face several potential liabilities when dealing with allegations of harassment, including civil lawsuits, damages for lost wages or benefits, and other court sanctions.

In some cases, employees may also pursue criminal charges against employers if they believe their rights have been violated in some way.

Employer defense lawyers understand these risks and can provide sound legal guidance on how to manage cases involving such allegations. They could suggest ways to settle out of court to avoid a costly and drawn-out legal battle.

An employer defense lawyer may also be able to prevent potential litigation by helping you create policies focused on preventing harassment before incidents arise. This includes establishing clear guidelines regarding what constitutes harassment, setting up measures for reporting complaints, and making sure internal investigations are conducted promptly and thoroughly if a complaint is filed.

A certified lawyer can help minimize disruption within the organization while ensuring that employees receive fair treatment throughout any investigation or lawsuit process.

When You Need to Handle a Wrongful Termination Claim

Wrongful termination claims can result in significant financial losses, including back pay and attorney's fees. Furthermore, you may also be held liable for any damages resulting from the termination itself.

You'll need an experienced employer defense lawyer to represent your interests in this case. They will investigate the situation to determine if any laws or regulations have been violated. And they can advise you on whether it would be best to settle out of court, litigate, or appeal the decision.

The lawyer will also build a strong defense strategy that revolves around factors such as contract language, employee performance, and other applicable laws. For instance, suppose an employee was fired for not meeting the job requirements. An employer defense lawyer can present evidence such as job descriptions, past performance reviews, and other relevant material to support your case.

When word gets out about a wrongful termination, it can have a negative impact on your reputation. An employer defense lawyer can help you protect your public image by ensuring that communication regarding the case is done in a professional manner.