4 Reasons You Might Need To Hire A DUI Attorney

Posted on: 10 January 2023


When facing charges of driving under the influence, it's better to take precautionary measures and work with a DUI attorney who knows and understands the laws surrounding such an offense. Without proper legal representation, you may not be fully aware of your rights, which can lead to stress and frustration throughout the legal process. If you don't know if hiring a DUI attorney is worth it, check out some of the reasons to work with one of these legal professionals below. 

You Don't Believe You Were Under the Influence

If you weren't drinking or only had a sip of alcohol, you may feel like this doesn't qualify as being under the influence. However, an officer sometimes pulls a driver over for a traffic infraction and assumes the person is under the influence. Your attorney would want to review the results from the breathalyzer or a blood test while learning more about why the officer initially pulled you over.

It's Not Your First Time Dealing with Such a Charge

When this isn't your first time being charged with a DUI, you need to work with an attorney. Those convicted of repeatedly committing the same crime often face greater punishments, such as long sentences in prison. An attorney can ease your mind and discuss their plans to help you fight the charges.

You're Facing the Possibility of Time in Prison and Thousands of Dollars in Fines

When you already know that you're facing time in prison and would need to pay thousands of dollars in fines if found guilty, finding a skilled and reputable DUI attorney is your best bet. It helps to work with someone who has handled different types of cases that are similar to yours in the past because they will know the steps they must take to potentially help you avoid going to prison. While there is no guarantee, your attorney can focus on building a solid defense that creates reasonable doubt.

You Were Involved in an Accident

If you didn't get pulled over by officers but were charged with a DUI after being involved in an accident with another motorist, having a DUI attorney is a must. It becomes a messy legal situation when you're facing criminal charges and the possibility of a costly lawsuit on behalf of the other driver. A DUI attorney would be the one to review the case and work with a team of professionals who can create a reenactment model of the accident to determine how it occurred and why.

After getting charged with a DUI, your next step should be to reach out to a DUI attorney who can represent you and handle your case. It's best to have a legal professional on your side to help you fight those charges.