Serious Errors That Can Reduce Your Odds Of Getting Justice After A Car Collision

Posted on: 18 February 2022


The actions you take after a collision will play a significant role in determining the outcome of your claim. One mistake can give the other driver an advantage, making you lose the compensation you deserve even if you suffered severe injuries. That is why you need to know the mistakes that can give the at-fault party an upper hand in court. These errors include the following:

Failing to Inform the Law Enforcers 

Failing to inform law enforcement about the accident can compromise your chances of getting justice. That is because the other driver might dispute your statement, alleging that the accident did not happen according to your statement. 

When you call the police, they will arrive at the accident scene in no time. Then they will conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine the wrongdoer. Usually, the police do this by investigating the accident scene and interrogating eyewitnesses before writing a report. This report enables you to prove where the accident happened and that you had nothing to do with the collision.

Sharing Accident Information with Everyone

An accident is traumatic to everyone involved in it. For that reason, it is natural to discuss the incident with other drivers, and the crowd gathered around you. However, such discussions can mess up your case later on. For instance, you can accidentally leak sensitive information to the defense attorney or insurer adjuster. 

They will use it against you to claim that you played a part in the accident, petitioning the court to reduce or deny you any payment. That is why it is advisable to watch what you say and who you talk to. If possible, don't talk to anyone before your attorney arrives at the scene.

Including Nonfactual Details in Your Statement

The defense attorney will do everything possible to prove that their client is innocent. That includes challenging every piece of evidence you present in court. Because of that, you should never give nonfactual details in your statement. 

Even a small detail can insinuate that you're trying to hide something, getting you in trouble with the judge. So, if you don't remember something, tell your attorney. They will know the best way to give the statement without implicating you.

Remember that the at-fault party will take advantage of your mistakes convince the court they're guilty. That is why you need to consult your car accident lawyer immediately after your accident. They will guide you in every step to ensure that you don't make any error that might put your case in jeopardy.