Situations When Parents May Need To Hire A Special Education Lawyer

Posted on: 29 March 2021


If you have a child that is categorized as special, they require certain educational paths that are different from normal students. Sometimes these paths can bring up legal issues. If any of these, in particular, affect you and your child with special needs, be sure to hire a special education attorney.

School Rejects IEP 

You may have special requests for the IEP (individualized education program) that your child with special needs will be using to develop. If you have to deal with a school that rejects these sorts of requests, you should hire a special education attorney.

Trying to fight the entire school district alone isn't a good idea because odds are, they've received specialty training for these exact scenarios. You, thus, need access to even more training, which is what you'll get out of a special education attorney. They can help you move forward with a particular IEP in a legal way and improve your odds of having your special requests honored. It just might take some time.

School Hires Attorney First

Sometimes, legal issues can be avoided when the school and parents work out issues with IEPs together. Then, there are times when schools go on the attack first by bringing in their own attorney. If this is their exact response when requesting something for your child that has special needs, you want to hire a special needs attorney.

Then, you'll have a better means of combating whatever legal tactics the school's attorney tries to throw your way. You'll be treated fairly, too, because your special education lawyer will make sure of that every step of the way. 

Filing a Compliant Is Necessary 

If you ever feel like your child with special needs isn't being treated fairly, then you can file a complaint against the school that they're currently in. You'll have an easier time doing this, too, if you hire a special education lawyer that sees these cases all the time.

They'll make sure your complaint is just and format it to be professional. Then, they'll send it off to the right parties within your school district, which may bring about resolutions at a later date if all goes according to plan.

Having to deal with issues regarding a child with special needs is a hard place to be put in. Special education lawyers will see to it you don't remain in this position for long and in fact, come out better on the other side with the quality education your child deserves. 

If you have additional questions, contact a local special education lawyer.