Do You Need a Speeding Ticket Lawyer or Not?

Posted on: 30 December 2019


Speeding tickets may be one of the less worrisome driving infractions, but there are still situations when you should hire a speeding ticket attorney for representation in court. Many drivers wrestle with the decision to hire an attorney after a speeding ticket. Here are a few examples of when it is a good idea to do use a speeding ticket law firm and when you can probably get by without an attorney present. 

Do: If you were traveling way over the speed limit. 

Traveling over the speed limit can mean just going five or ten miles per hour over the posted legal speed. However, some of the worst cases can involve drivers going double or triple the legal limit. If this is what you are being charged with, it is usually best if you do go ahead and seek legal representation. 

Probably Don't: If this is the first time you've gotten a ticket. 

In many states, if you get a speeding ticket for the first time, the implications and penalties of that incident are nowhere near as severe as what they would be for concurrent tickets. Some states also frequently dismiss first-time tickets or amend the penalties to a lesser degree. Unless your first speeding ticket is tied to some kind of gross action on your part, such as traveling double the legal limit, you will likely be OK without a lawyer. 

Do: You know you were not traveling as fast as it was stated. 

If you are certain you were not traveling the rate of speed that was stated by the officer on your ticket, it is always a good idea to hire a lawyer. There is a good chance the lawyer can find a way to help you be found not guilty. For example, if the officer did not use speed radar to measure your speed and only their own judgment, the attorney may be able to discredit this judgment based on the evidence they collect on your behalf. 

Probably Don't: You're more comfortable paying your fine than paying a lawyer. 

Some people simply choose not to hire a speeding ticket attorney because they would rather pay the fines than have to pay an attorney. Even though most attorneys charge a reasonable rate for the representation of these cases, it is an additional expense and there can be variables involved in the end price for services rendered. If you prefer to simply plead guilty and pay your fines, hiring a lawyer would be a moot decision.