Being Safer On Your Motorcycle To Avoid Collisions: What To Do

Posted on: 30 June 2019


When you're a bike rider, nothing feels freer than getting the motorcycle out on various roads. However, because you have to share roadways with trucks, cars, and other bikes, taking your motorcycle out can be stressful. Other than observing traditional road rules, how can you make yourself safer and avoid any collisions?

Wear Protective, Safe Clothing

While you might have envisioned letting your hair run wild as you roll down an empty highway, your first commitment should be to traveling safely. A helmet is a must-have item; no matter your budget or style, you need to protect your head. Many helmets come with face masks so you can also protect your face from flying bugs and other road conditions. A good helmet with a face mask will help you remain focused on the road. Gloves are also essential; having control of the handlebars enables you to make quick motions that could help you avoid collisions.

The leather that's often present when the mind conjures up images of motorcycle riders isn't just about looking cool; it's about having a barrier between yourself and the asphalt or concrete road surface. Long sleeves are always recommended, as are long pants. Wear materials that will be thick enough to protect you if you have a spill.

Get Proper Maintenance

You could end up being responsible in part for your own motorcycle collisions if you're not properly maintaining the bike. Ensuring the tires are inflated well is one of the most essential accident prevention steps you can take. Being sure that a mechanic has seen your bike, used the handlebars, and checked the engine can be all you need to feel confident that your motorcycle is safe for traveling.

Use Hand Signals in Close Quarters and on Narrow Roads

If you are trying to get through busy traffic on the way to the beach or another destination, you might want to utilize hand signals. Some beach towns have narrow roads, and signals might not be sufficient. Make the extra effort to use your hands whenever other vehicles are very close to you.

You might not want to wait to experience a motorcycle accident before you talk with attorneys who specialize in those situations. By talking over various bike issues with a lawyer before trouble happens, you can benefit from their guidance regarding safe behavior; if you end up in a collision despite your efforts, you'll already have a motorcycle accident attorney to contact.