What You Can Expect From Law Firms Based On The Size Of The Firm

Posted on: 20 November 2018


Law firms come in all sizes and all practices of law. Usually, you can tell what kind of legal help you may find in a law firm by the size of the law firm. The law firms may also advertise some of their branches of law practiced, but not all. Here is how you can tell what kind of law a firm practices based on the size of the firm.

Small, Single Office Firm

This is a single lawyer, possibly with a partner, that practices one or two specific types of law. This is beneficial to the type of client that needs general legal counsel, or needs a lawyer that practices something very specific, such as personal injury law or family law. It may also mean that the cost of retaining this lawyer is less than it would cost at a bigger firm. The size of the retainer fee, like the size of the law firm, often is very telling of the scope of law practice.

Medium-Sized Firm

A medium-sized firm usually has between three and ten lawyers working in it, along with a number of administrative staff and a handful of paralegals. The paralegals can offer legal advice and conduct intake interviews with new clients, which relieves lawyers to practice law in the courtrooms. In general, there are probably going to be four to six types of law that are the focus of this firm, with a few extra types practiced on the side. You may be able to find what you need in this firm, but you will have to pay for services rendered by paralegals as well as by the lawyer or lawyers you hire to represent you and your case.

Large Law Firm

A large law firm has more than ten lawyers and less than thirty lawyers working for it. These firms are so huge that they take over an entire floor in a big office building and everyone has his/her own office space. They represent many different types of law, each with his/her own specialty. You know they are going to be pricey when you see their TV ads on all times of the day, and their partner names involve four or more partners in the title of their firm.

Extra Large Law Firm

This law firm encompasses almost every known branch of law and employs more than thirty lawyers across two or more locations in the same county and state. When you visit one of their office locations, it is very busy, with lots of paralegals and admin staff running about and answering phones. The size of this firm ensures you will have more than adequate representation, but it may be beyond your legal budget.