Narrowing Your Injury Case Down To Something More Specific To Get The Right Lawyer

Posted on: 18 September 2017


Personal injury attorneys handle all kinds of injury cases. Some of these lawyers prefer to handle only two or three types of injury cases. If you are not sure what your personal injury is, check out the following descriptions of types of cases so that you hire the correct attorney for your particular personal injury.

Car Accident Injury

These injuries are any injuries that you incurred as either a driver or a passenger in a passenger vehicle. They are generally just the accidents that are caused by people not paying attention, looking at or using their cellphones while driving, running red lights or stop signs, etc.. If you are outside a car and are hit by a car, that is a different sort of personal injury suit.

Truck Accident Injury

This is not an accident caused by a passenger truck, but by a commercial truck. Lawsuits of this nature often involve semi trucks, but they can also involve delivery trucks, moving trucks, mail trucks, etc.. If you are in another vehicle, or you are walking, biking, or running and get hit by a commercial truck, you have a truck accident lawsuit.

Birth Injury

Lawyers that take on birth injury cases help you sue doctors and hospitals that have harmed your baby during the birthing process. There is a statute of limitations, but cases have been made for injuries not diagnosed until years later, when your baby is a child, teen, or young adult. If you were severely injured during the birthing process, you may also be able to sue for compensation.

Medical Malpractice

Some lawyers only take on medical malpractice suits. These cases involve doctors who have either negligently or knowingly injured you during surgery. The lawyers may also take on cases where you have lost a loved one to a badly botched surgical procedure.

Work-Related Injury or Worker's Compensation

Work-related injuries often land on desks of attorneys who help clients pursue worker's compensation. The clients have been denied compensation, even though it is clear that they should be receiving benefits. If you were injured at work or while performing job-related duties, and your employer and/or worker's comp insurance refused to pay benefits, you need this type of lawyer.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death attorneys take on personal injury cases where there should have been no acceptable level of risk to self and no reasonable expectation of harm. Usually, the closest surviving relative (e.g., a spouse or parent) is the one who seeks out the lawyer's help and pursues the lawsuit because the victim is dead.

Numerous Other Types of Personal Injury Cases

Other personal injuries may fall under one or more of the above types of cases. If a lawyer determines that your case meets the criteria for more than one type of personal injury case, he or she may decide to pursue more than one lawsuit, or only serve as legal counsel on one of the types of cases related to your situation. It may be beneficial to you to find a lawyer who practices personal injury law for more than one type of personal injury case so that you do not have to hire more than one lawyer.

When Your Case Does Not Neatly Fit Any of the Above

Sometimes when you are injured, your case does not neatly fit into any of the specific categories above. That does not mean it is not a personal injury case (unless it is assault or attempted homicide). It just means that the legalities of your situation have to be closely examined to determine exactly what kind of personal injury lawyer you really need.