4 Tips When Filing For Divorce

Posted on: 25 July 2017


Getting divorced can be a depressing and emotional time, but if you're looking to pursue one, you want to give yourself your best chance to ensure the process goes smoothly and you get what you want. If you are getting a divorce, check out these four tips you should consider when filing.

Know All Your Finances

Many married couples end up with a lot of joint debt or assets, such as a savings account, safety deposit box, etc. Before you start filing for the divorce, you'll want to make sure you know where all your money is. Make sure you know of any accounts, investments, etc., and learn all the passwords for these financial accounts.

It's also important to know what bills you both share. Even if your spouse is typically responsible for a debt, if you are associated with it, such as being a co-signer, you may also be responsible for that debt if your spouse fails to pay it. Knowing all the debt you and your spouse owe will help prevent nasty surprises that destroy your credit.

Choose What You Want

While kids, money, and other big things are usually the main focus of a divorce, there are other items you and your spouse have collected over the years, such as bedding, kitchen supplies, movies, etc. Basically, anything you bought together belongs to both of you. You'll need to determine who gets what, and you'll want to do it before you go to court.

Judges are busy; they don't really want to listen to you and your spouse bicker over who gets to keep the blender or the books. In fact, if you try to make them help you decide, they might give you an answer you don't like. It's important when filing your divorce paperwork that you detail everything you want and everything you're willing to give up.  

Create a Budget

Once you're divorced, your finances will change drastically. No longer do you have dual incomes. This is why you should create a future estimated budget. It can be hard to think about how you'll survive financially after a divorce, especially when there are raw, painful emotions involved.

However, you need to show the judge a picture of what your financial situation will be when you're alone. This is particularly important for getting what you deserve out of the divorce. For example, if you prove your expenses are too high, the judge may order your ex to pay alimony for a while. Making sure you have a clear budget is your best chance at getting what you deserve so you don't end up going completely broke after your divorce.

Find a Divorce Lawyer

It is possible to go through a divorce by yourself, but that's not recommended. Even in civil divorces where the couple is still friendly toward each other and the divorce is mutual, people can get petty. Without a lawyer, you won't have the skills or education to fight back and successfully argue for what you deserve.

However, make sure you find a trained divorce attorney. Just like every doctor isn't the same, every attorney isn't the same. There are specialists. If you hire an attorney who specializes in criminal law, they may not have all the knowledge regarding divorce laws that you'll need to get a fair outcome. Visit a site like http://www.liebmannfamilylaw.com/ to learn about the services some divorce attorneys may provide you.

Your emotions may try to take over during a divorce, but above all, you must try to keep a cool head. Get a divorce attorney, and listen to their counsel.