Seeking Workers Comp: Why You Should Get Help From A Lawyer

Posted on: 12 July 2017


Were you hurt while you were at work? You may have been wearing the proper safety gear and following all of the rules, but something still went wrong. If you are hurt and unable to work, you may be stressed out and worried about how you will continue to pay your bills and afford the cost of basic necessities. If you tried to get workers compensation and you were denied, it is important to hire a lawyer to help you with your case.

Why Seek Compensation?

Serious injuries could leave you unable to work for quite some time. In fact, certain injuries could be serious enough to keep you from ever returning back to work. However, you will still have bills to pay. If you were injured due to no fault of your own, seeking compensation is a must. Workers compensation allows employees who were injured to receive both medical benefits as well as pay so that they can continue to pay for their medical care and afford the cost of living without the additional stress. Many employers provide this option to their employees to avoid going through a lengthy legal battle.

How Will a Lawyer Help?

An employer may be turning down your request for compensation by trying to blame you for the injuries you have sustained. He or she may be trying to say that it was your own fault that you ended up in a situation that caused you to become injured. If you know that is not the case, working with a lawyer is crucial. The lawyer will do anything possible to prove that you were injured due to the negligence of your employer. It is all about attempting to get compensation for you while reducing the stress you have to deal with daily.

The lawyer may request some of your recent medical records and other important information that provides the most in-depth details on all of the injuries you had or have. In addition to requesting this information, requests for security footage from inside your workplace as well as feedback from other employees may occur while the lawyer is working on building your case. If the employer is not willing to approve the request for workers compensation, the lawyer could help you take the case to court.

Why Is It Important?

No one expects to go to work and suffer from injuries while trying to do a job to earn a livable income. You may have been doing everything you could to stay safe while operating heavy machinery, lifting objects or handling other tasks that were required of you. Despite trying your best to avoid serious injuries, negligence in the workplace could have caused you to end up hurt and in a lot of pain. You should not have to suffer the physical pain and then deal with the emotional pain of not having a job or an income in the aftermath of it all.

Many people stress out about these kinds of situations because they may be concerned that they will no longer be able to afford anything. Instead of worrying about your finances, fighting for workers compensation with help from a lawyer is the best thing to do. It is possible to receive the pay and benefits you have earned by simply taking legal action.

If you are injured, dealing with medical bills that are piling up, and stressing out over being denied workers compensation, contact a lawyer who takes on these types of cases, from a law firm such as Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S. The lawyer will stand by your side the entire time in an attempt to make sure you receive the compensation you have rightfully earned by working as an employee for the business.