Going Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? 3 Ways A Chapter 13 Lawyer Can Benefit You

Posted on: 14 June 2017


If you are going through a chapter 13 bankruptcy and are planning to file on your own, you should consider hiring a chapter 13 lawyer to help you. You are likely already stressed and this can lead to you making mistakes which may affect the outcome of your bankruptcy. A chapter 13 lawyer can help you before and during your bankruptcy. Below is some information about this so you can get a lawyer on your side.

Help You Avoid Harassment

When you are behind on your payments, creditors turn you over to collection agencies. These agencies will then start to call you and they will likely call you a lot. You may even receive calls from them at work. Even though you are going through a bankruptcy, the creditors do not know this.

With a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you plan to repay your debts. When you are ready to do this, you will work with your debtors to come up with an installment plan that you can afford. Until this happens, however, you will likely be harassed.

Your lawyer can help stop this by calling the collection agencies. Once they hear from a lawyer they may stop calling you completely. Once you file for your chapter 13 bankruptcy this puts a stay on the harassment.

Stop Late Fees

Because you are likely not paying your creditors on time each month you will be charged late fees and these fees can add up quickly. Over time, your debt could even double. Your chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer can stop these late fees so you will be able to pay off the debt much quicker when the bankruptcy is completed. The lawyer does this by contacting each creditor and letting them know you are filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Reduce the Amount You Owe                       

When you add up all that you owe the amount may seem overwhelming. You may not be aware, however, that your chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer can work with the court to try to get the amount of money you owe your creditors reduced. For example, the court may reduce the amount that you have to pay by 10 percent or even up to 90 percent. The judge will determine what the percentage is. This is very beneficial to you because this allows you to pay your loans off much quicker.

Contact a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in your area to learn much more about this information. They can also tell you of many more ways they can help you with your bankruptcy.