Suprising Times When The Average Canadian Might Need A Drug Offence Lawyer

Posted on: 30 June 2015


The use of marijuana is relatively high in Canada. According to statistics compiled by the Minister of Health, around 40% of Canadians have used marijuana at some point in their lifetimes. With numbers this high, it is wise for the average person to have knowledge of the trouble that can arise in association with the drug.

Though it is common to assume that smoking marijuana is not a serious matter, the act is still illegal, except for those with medicinal licenses who the Supreme Court of Canada says have a right to use the drug. Depending on the charges, one can face a misdemeanor or felony that leaves a criminal record. So, to help inform readers who erroneously believe that they are in no danger of a marijuana arrest, here are some situations where ordinary citizens might find themselves in trouble with the authorities.

  • When Caught in the Proximity of Drugs

Drug dealers and others with a lot of marijuana in their possession tend to stash the product in places near, but not on, themselves. These offenders seem to think that if the police find the drugs somewhere else, the blame will go elsewhere.

The assumption is true to an extent. A conviction is less likely in this circumstance but still not unheard of. Moreover, these criminals put innocent bystanders in jeopardy. Police may decide, unfortunately, to arrest all in the vicinity, or the one closest to the drugs. These people may be totally unaware of the situation but nonetheless must now fight a "constructive possession" charge. This offence implies that although they had no physical possessions of the drug, the mere presence of the banned substance near them is enough to warrant an arrest and conviction.

  • When Residue is Found on Property

In this age of forensic criminal investigations, the police prove quite adept at testing surfaces. Innocent people might find themselves under indictment for a serious offence unwittingly.

Someone may have stored marijuana in another's car leaving significant residue. In another scenario, a regular pot smoker might leave unfinished butts in an ashtray in a friend's home. Upon investigation, the police are well within their power to make an arrest, especially if there is paraphernalia associated with drug use, such as water pipes and cigarette papers, on the premises.

Contact a Drug Offence lawyer

As shown here, the average law-abiding citizen can wind up in a Canadian court or jail on a drug offence. If so, it is time to contact an attorney with experience in handling these types of cases, like those at Mackay & Company Drug Offence Lawyer.